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Lea Sobre las Exitosas Historias de Nuestros Clientes

Durante más de 15 años, el abogado de defensa criminal en Miami de Law Office of Armando J. Hernandez, P.A. ha ayudado a individuos en todo Florida. Como resultado, hemos ayudado exitosamente a numerosos clientes a conseguir sus objetivos legales y también podemos ayudarlo a usted. Para leer opiniones de nuestros antiguos clientes sobre nuestro bufete y nuestros servicios, por favor, lea las siguientes opiniones.

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  • Great attorney! I recommend Armando 100%.

    “Armando Hernandez is a very caring and professional Attorney. He was always on time and pleasant to speak to about my case. He is very knowledgeable and straight to the point with the Jury; he made sure they understood why they were there and what the law states. The Prosecutors were constantly trying to confuse the Jury and Armando made sure they understood the law. I recommend Armando 100%. He is very professional and does an amazing job in court. Thank you.”


  • The best experience I could hope for.

    “Armando and his legal team are excellent, to say the least. Not only did they take care of my case and get the best possible outcome, but they also treated me with utmost care and consideration concerned with every question and worry I had during a very difficult and stressful time. His assistant made me feel confident and at ease from the moment I contacted the office for my initial consultation. I could not be happier with the entire experience from beginning to end. Everything that they assured me of fell into place even sooner than predicted. I could not be happier and thankful with Armando's legal services and would refer him to EVERYONE looking for a great lawyer in the Dade County area.”


  • Very satisfied!

    “I'm not 100% sure on how I heard of Mr. Armando Hernandez, however, when I received a misdemeanor, I figured it was a good idea to give him a call. I was very patiently dealt with on the phone by Natasha who was very helpful and informative. It was as simple as going in and going over everything with Mr. Hernandez (We also spoke briefly about our mutual enjoyment for fishing). He explained the options I had and the pros and cons of each (which was all free). Once I decided to make the payment and go ahead with it, he and Natasha were still as helpful as they were before. I went in one other time, was helped to fill out the remaining paperwork and was asked if I had any questions. 2 weeks later (which happened to be this morning), I received a call from his office that everything was taken care of and my case was dismissed. They were both phenomenal in helping me through the whole process. Highly recommend.”


  • I can just keep moving forward with my life because of Mr. Hernandez & his team!

    “Wow! When hard times come your way, and you don't know where to start, I can simply say I so glad I was able to come across Mr.Hernandez and his staff. They were amazing right off the bat, and they truly made me feel comfortable in this hard time of decisions. As soon as I walked through the door, I truly felt welcomed and truly felt like I was going to get through this whole process after we spoke in person. Most importantly, he was honest with everything that was going to happen and to come & didn't leave out anything and took care of it just like he said. Thank you so much for all your help, and I really couldn't do it without you and all your experience and knowledge. I really feel like 1000 pounds are off my shoulders now and can just keep moving forward with my life and really wanted to take this time and say a sincere thank you to you, Mr.Hernandez, & to your staff. Great team overall”


  • Saved my life and gained a friend for life.

    “It all started many years ago when we first meet. I felt from the very first moment that Mr. Hernandez would do his very best to save me from my troubles that I was facing. Our communication was excellent through the entire ordeal with both his office staff (Natasha) and Mr. Hernandez. Never did I feel as if I wasn't important or that my situation and case didn't matter. That gave me a great feeling of satisfaction to know that I would be in the best hands when it was time to go to court. I've had several lawyers through my lifetime, but none of them had been able to make me feel so at ease with what I was facing. Personally speaking, I do not like to recommend anyone, but in this case, after having such a great experience with Mr. Hernandez and his staff, I can't help but recommend his services to whom might need a great lawyer and an even better friend.”


  • One of a kind attorney that will go the extra mile for his clients!

    “Mr. Hernandez helped my college son dismiss a petty theft case, his staff is very efficient and polite, they make you feel at home, and Mr. Hernandez is a one of a kind attorney with a vast experience in law, plus he also goes the extra mile for the client, I know he did for my son. I will rate him with 5 Stars and highly recommend him.”


  • Very professional & knowledgeable.

    “I originally sent in a question for advice. After speaking to Mr. Hernandez, I hired him. He is very knowledgeable of my issue and tells it like it is, no promises.”


  • I am so grateful to Mr. Hernandez for the highly professional manner

    “I was visiting Florida and driving south on 95...much traffic and had an incident where I was issued a citation. This was very frightening as I have never before been issued a traffic ticket let alone a citation. Living out of the state and not staying in Florida for long, I needed to find an attorney to assist with my ticket and to represent my case. I began searching the reviews...many mixed reviews yet Armando Hernandez’s reviews were consistently repetitive: “ Professional: Kind. Caring. Experienced. Responsive. Confident. Cases dismissed” I decided to call and it did not take long to discover that these are the exact attributes that describe Mr. Hernandez and his legal assistant, Natasha. After my interview, there was no doubt who I would choose to represent my case. I hired Mr. Hernandez. A court date was set, and I worried daily. I called to share my concerns and the response from Natasha and from Mr. Hernandez was caring and helpful each time no matter how many times I called and/ or emailed! Always reassuring. The court day came and the case was dismissed. I am so grateful to Mr. Hernandez for the highly professional manner in which he managed this experience for me and I would without a pause, recommend him and his firm to anyone.”


  • He cares about his client. You can trust him.

    “Mr. Herdandez helped my college son to dismiss his trespassing charge, which is hard because one of the police officers showed at the court. Mr. Hernandez fought hard on the case. He cares about his client. You can trust him.”


  • You would not regret choosing him!

    “I had an Arrest Affidavit for possession of marihuana in the state of Florida. Mr. Hernandez really took care of this issue and it was very quick. I recommend him 100%, as I said before. You would not regret choosing him.”


  • A Great Lawyer! Very sharp and with tons of experience.

    “First of all, Armando is a great guy. Very clear and welcoming. I probably called him 1000 times and he was always there or his great staff was. They are the perfect people you need in a moment where you need to face the law.”


  • Happy with his service

    “I was arrested and he got all my charges dropped and he was affordable. Happy with his service”


  • Got the case to be dismissed!

    “I would like to express how thankful I am with the Armando law firm. He and his sister were really understanding and caring about my son case from the first day that I arrived at their office. They had represented him right away and got the case to be dismissed in a timely manner. I definitive will recommend his services to all my friends.”


  • Highly recommended lawyer, and will treat you like a person, not a check.

    “I've dealt with traffic ticket lawyers, and lawyers in general before and none have been as easy to deal with, and efficient as Armando. Highly recommended lawyer, and will treat you like a person, not a check.”


  • Thank you, Armando. I will refer to you anytime.

    “The feeling when you arrive in the office is one of comfort. I obviously didn't want to have the need for these services, however, due to my actions I needed his assistance. The staff was friendly and Armando listened to my side of the story and developed a plan of action to bring my case to a close. During the process, they handled everything and I felt at ease. Thank you, Armando. I will refer to you anytime.”


  • Everything turned out GREAT!!! Attorney Hernandez and his office staff are just awesome!

    “I hired Attorney Armando Hernandez for my son. When I contacted his office, I was so worried. His office staff quickly assisted me with calming down and made an appointment for my son to meet with Attorney Hernandez. When my son met with him, he gave my son hope. He even counseled my son. His fees were reasonable, and he set up a payment plan for me. He really fought hard for my son. Everything turned out GREAT!!! Attorney Hernandez and his office staff are just awesome! I would recommend him to anybody because he works hard for his clients.”


  • Super exelente

    “Es un buen abogado con mucha seriedad y confiansa en su trabajo es una persona que le da absoluta confianza al cliente eso lo puedo confirmar cien por ciento da todo por a su alcanse al hacer super excelente su trabajo. Yo doy fe y toda mi admiracion al abogado Armando Hernández que aparte de ser un gran abogado es una gran persona muchicimas gracias de todo corazon de mi parte y toda mi familia al abogado y todo su equipo de la oficina gracias.”


  • Armando was a huge help getting my case dropped and dismissed. I can't thank him enough!

    “You will not be disappointed! Armando was a huge help getting my case dropped and dismissed. I'm a licensed professional who was in fear of losing everything. Armando made it possible to drop all charges and saved my career. I can't thank him enough!”


  • Best lawyer with the fairest price

    “Armando was amazing on my case and got it dismissed quickly. They said they would trust these guys as they are legit. Everyone else threw me bogus prices and still said there was a good chance I'd have to pay more. Not Armando. He gives you a great price for great service. Thank you, Armando! God bless.”


  • Best lawyer in Miami!

    “I hired Dr. Armando Hernandez for a domestic violence case. First of all, I scheduled an appt trough one of the assistants. Carlos was very kind on the phone. At the office i met Natasha who was very kind as well. They made me feel like part of this family. I was very sad, but Dr. Hernandez explained every step to me very clear. After a few months, he dropped all the charges. Also, they answered every call that I made. Thank you so much, and God bless all of you.”


  • Thank you, Armando, for giving my freedom back!!

    “Great person and a very accurate strategy. Because he was a prosecutor, he knows what he is doing and knows how the system works. For sure, I would recommend this lawyer and his team. Thank you, Armando, for giving my freedom back!!”


  • Honestly felt like it was my family on my corner, having my back.

    “Attorney Hernandez has completely changed my perspective on attorneys. I thought they were always out to get your money out your pocket. But I must say I was wrong with Hernandez. This gentleman not only gave me the best price for my case compared to other attorneys, but I also didn’t have to lift a single finger to get my case dismissed! The staff was super friendly and welcoming. Honestly felt like it was my family on my corner, having my back. Couldn’t be more grateful!”